...that have a soul and a purpose. We strive to invent and execute original concepts around your ideas and aspirations. We constantly work on developing our understanding of materials to create each day more evolved end products that will satisfy our customers.

Every project is a new challenge that we cannot wait to tackle. Over the years, we have perfected our knowledge of a wide variety of materials, from the most traditional to the trendiest.

We refuse the cookie-cutter mentality that often rules B2B transactions, and pride ourselves in finding ideas and solutions that truly match your needs. Between your initial ideas and the experience of our team in various materials and techniques, we are in for a great collaboration.



We see wood as a gift from nature. Our wood comes from big box lumber yards as well as local arborists that recover fallen trees or salvage them from fields that are being cleared for development, saving them from wood chippers and ending up as waste. We use technology and machinery to process wood into sharp modern looking items or use our expertise to make products that feel rustic and natural, while keeping consistency throughout short and long run productions.


The word metal is such a narrow description for such a broad material: there are countless types of metals for an array of applications. Knowing when to use what alloy and matching it with the correct processing method is crucial to achieve desired results. Our experience will assure you get it right the first time while saving time and maintaining costs low.


Leather is a blank canvas. It can be treated to achieve a great variety of colors as well as be made to feel rough, soft or somewhere in between, lending itself to endless applications. Many items can be created solely from leather and stitching, while it can also be used to compliment other materials, add character and ultimately heighten a product’s perceived value.


Knowing how to use this “material of the new world” is a matter of staying current on the newest technologies. Plastic can often be challenging for short run production due to the high cost of injection dies, but our ability to create lower life, lower costs soft molds makes it an option for all budgets. Yet when quantities allow it, making a long life die remains the best option to bring your unit cost down. We are dedicated to studying and handling your unique project so we can offer the best results for the best price.


From displays at stores showing us products to that “thing” on restaurant tables holding the happy hour menu, acrylics are all around us. No longer does this usually flat colorless material have to be boring! We incorporate an assortment of hard to find colors like fluorescents and textures, combined with the precision of computer aided routers and heating/bending techniques, to really bring this material to life and create the objects you might have not thought possible to develop.

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